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Essential Features...
Detailed Plagiarism Report
20+ Details to help you manage your similarity report.
Custom Library 
Create your own library of files & check new documents against them.
Multiple file formats
doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .odt, .html & .pdf
Smart plagiarism checker
Profound analyses per your settings and preferences.
Download & Share Report 
Share your report with teacher or student, employee or employe...
Single or Multiple document check 

Paper checker. Check many documents simultaneously or one by one.

Citations & References detection
Exclude citations and References from the report.
Multiple sources to check against
Web, Public and Private Repositories, Publications & Noplag's Database
Noplag Solo plagiarism scanner is good for…

And much more...

Plagiarism detection tools

The newest feature at is Noplag Solo – Smart Plagiarism Detection Software specially designed for individual use.

This online scanner was developed to various target groups which need individual plagiarism scans, for different purposes. It provides both the paper checker option for academic purposes and the copyright scanner choices in commercial use.

Solo online plagiarism checker has lots of useful, interesting, unique features and up-to-date plagiary detection options:

  •  The web. The tool reviews your writing against above 1.3 billion internet pages.
  • Publications. It tests academic writings against more than 10 million publications accessible through open source and private repositories.
  • Database. The paper checker has its own database of academic works – more than 5 millions of documents, essays, assignments, etc.
  • Custom library. You may create your own Library of files and test your document if it is being plagiarized against the data in your own Library. This variant provides the most advanced copyright checker service that can be used by way of various purposes and in different contexts.
  • File formats. Noplag Solo works with varied data set formats: *.doc, *.docs, *.pdf, *.rtf, *.txt, *.odt and *.html.
  • Multiple scans. The tool allows review your documents one by one or simultaneously.

Here are the main target groups that may benefit from using Solo.Noplag plagiarism software:

  • 1. Students of any age group and at any educational institution can analyses their essays and assignments to their papers being plagiarized.
  • 2. Teachers, academic writers and other teaching staff may use our originality checker to identify plagiary in students writings and essay works.
  • 3. All kinds of writers:
    • journalists, copywriters and content authors;
    • screenwriters and playwrighters;
    • speechauthors;
    • poets and lyricists;
    • bloggers and columnists;
    • diarists and memoirists;
    • publishers;
    • professional editors and critics;
    • fiction writers and novelists;
    • biographers;
    • satirists;
    • ghost penmen.

The report provided by Solo-version of Noplag plagiarism checker is very detailed and designed specifically to the above mentioned target groups.

  • The report provides comprehensive and systematic analysis of the writing you check for plagiarism.
  • The similarity record includes above 20 preferences and settings. It allows you to get the most of your scanning.
  • On academical purposes, you have the right to exclude citations and references from the return – the option highly appreciated by our clients who do academic writing.
  • The report can be downloaded and/or shared with your colleagues, fellow students, teachers, employees, etc.

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